2nd July 2019

Wrong fuel FAQs.

Petrol in Diesel FAQs Here is a roundup of the most frequently asked questions regarding petrol in a diesel car. If you have put petrol in […]
2nd July 2019

Wrong Fuel

Welcome to NW Fuel Drain. Putting the wrong fuel in a car is one of the most common problems motorists face in the UK. It doesn’t […]
12th February 2019

Mitsubishi Canter Fuso having a DPF clean

Our local Snap-on dealer had been having issues with his DPF for some time due to the constant stop/start of the vehicle so to get it […]
12th February 2019

Diesel into a Petrol car

It’s less common to put diesel in a petrol car due to the size difference in the fuel station nozzle and the vehicles filler neck. Diesel […]
16th January 2019

Armed with the latest equipment for DPF clean Ellesmere Port.

We are now armed with all the equipment to clean any DPF! Using our terraclean equipment we can clean and remove soot accumulation caused by constant […]
28th November 2018

Fuel drain at Chirk marina from a canal boat

We were called in to remove and dispose of 150 litres of contaminated fuel from a canal boat at Chirk Marina, North Wales. The boat had […]
28th November 2018

We don’t just do fuel drains!!!

At NW Auto Services ltd we don’t just do wrong fuel drains!!! We also have a workshop in Ellesmere Port where we carry out- •Wrong fuel […]
21st October 2018

Make money, increase power and save on fuel costs!

Make Money, Increase Power and Save on Fuel Costs! Are you considering having your engine remapped? Our competitively priced ECU remap service offers not only significant […]
10th September 2018

Late night Wrong Fuel Drain in Abergele, North Wales

The owner of this Vauxhall Insignia had put 45 litres of petrol in before driving to their caravan park in Abergele, North Wales! They realised what […]