25th October 2021

Canal Boat Fuel Polishing in Ormskirk, Lancashire

Out working along with ‘River Canal Rescue’ at Fettlers Wharf Marina, Ormskirk on this Narrowboat.Fuel polishing carried out whilst a new engine was being fitted ensuring […]
25th May 2021

Adblue! What is it? Why do we need it? How does it work?

ADBLUE®  If you own a newer diesel vehicle , chances are you need to use Adblue – a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) used in millions of cars, […]
16th February 2021

DPF problems a regular occurrence!

DPF problems a common occurrence! Why are so many DPF problems occuring? The lack of maintenance and servicing has become increasingly worrying throughout the automotive industry. […]
3rd August 2020

Underslung LPG tank fitted to a Peugeot Boxer motorhome

Newly converted Peugeot Boxer campervan in for a 30 litre underslung lpg tank ready for touring Europe. The lpg will allow easy filling whilst abroad and […]
29th February 2020

Diesel in petrol car, Manchester

We were called out to this Volkswagen Golf in Salford, Manchester with half a tank of diesel instead of petrol! The owner had driven it home […]
22nd January 2020

Gas-it underslung lpg tank fitted to a 2008 Volkswagen Transporter

We installed a Gas-It 15ltr underslung refillable lpg tank to this 2008 VW Transporter complete with automatic stop tap, Bluetooth level gauge & a bbq connection […]
22nd January 2020

Pleased to offer Gas-It refillable gas tanks to your Motorhome/campervan or caravan

GAS IT: We’re extremely pleased to offer the amazing Gas-it range of refillable LPG systems. Gas-it’s amazing value has already turned it into one of our […]
14th November 2019

10 steps to prepare your car for winter

10 steps to prepare your car for winter With winter approaching, a few minutes’ maintenance could see your motor through the worst the weather has to […]
17th October 2019

What is Adblue and how does it work?

How does AdBlue work – and does my car have it? AdBlue reduces harmful emissions – but if you run out, your car won’t start! Many […]