The Go-To Fuel Draining Service For Fleet and Hire Car Companies

One of the most significant burdens and worries for fleet car services and hire care companies is that users will fill up the fuel tank with the wrong type of fuel. As many people become accustomed to their own private vehicle, they act on autopilot at the filling station. For fleet managers and car hire firms, it is a regular occurrence when clients and customers put diesel in a petrol tank and petrol in a diesel tank.

To save your business time and money, our mobile fuel draining vans come to your premises. We will not tow your vehicles away for repair. Instead, we offer on the spot fuel draining, tank cleaning and correct fuel refilling thanks to the latest ATEX certified equipment fitted on the vans.

We use the latest, state of the art draining and cleaning equipment that is installed in our vans so that we can be with you quickly and undergo the repair work without impacting your business.

On call when you need us

NW Fuel Drain operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every single day of the year, so whenever one of your fleet vehicles suffers from a wrong fuel mishap, we can be there to sort the problem immediately

Diesel in petrol, petrol in diesel

Whichever incorrect fuel was used, our trained technicians will be able to resolve the issue. Utilising specialist equipment and undergoing regular training means that our team of experts can help in any circumstance, to help minimise business disruption and avoid costly repair bills.

Why make us your go-to contact?

  • Day or night, we’re on call to be there when you need us
  • Experienced with all types of vehicles we can look after your fleet
  • Specialist equipment ensures a speedy service, so your vehicles are ready to go
  • Safe waste fuel disposal service, following Environment Agency principles
  • On-site service to reduce the loss of revenue for your business.

Save your business from expensive repairs

Did you know that misfuelling can lead to repairs of up to £12,000 a car? For fleet management, this cost can be damaging to a business and can make it hard for the business to recover. Fortunately, you can minimise the risk of costly repairs by calling our team out straight away. We understand that for companies like yours, time is money and so we will ensure that we are with you as quickly as possible to remove incorrect fuel and flush the system to prevent damage.

Give us a call on 07554851721 or 08007720397 to find out more about our fleet management service.