Make money, increase power and save on fuel costs!

Make Money, Increase Power and Save on Fuel Costs!

Are you considering having your engine remapped? Our competitively priced ECU remap service offers not only significant gains in terms of engine performance and fuel economy, but also the opportunity to make some money!

Unleash your vehicle’s full potential! Our ECU remapping service is in partnership with ‘Viezu’ – one of the UK’s leading specialists in electronic engine enhancements.

• Performance map gives up to 40% increase in power and torque, great for those wanting to improve the engine performance of their vehicle (especially beneficial for individuals who tow vehicles and trailers)

• Economy map gives up to 20% savings on fuel costs, ideal for those covering a large number of miles on a regular basis.

• Our remap also comes with a 14 day full money back guarantee!


If you purchase your engine remap today you will qualify for the NW cash back ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme! For every person who purchases a full remap from us as a result of your referral, you will receive the sum of £20.00

So if you refer six friends that is £120 in your back pocket!*

Based at our head office in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, we are ideally located to service locations throughout Cheshire, wirral, Merseyside & north wales.

To receive an instant remap quote for your vehicle contact us today on 01513742421, or send us an email including your registration number to


1. The original customer (you) purchasing a remap service from NW Auto Services Ltd will receive the amount of £20.00 as a ‘cash back’ incentive when a separate individual purchases a full priced remap service from NW Auto Services Ltd as a result of the original customer’s (you) referral.

2. The £20.00 ‘cash back’ amount is to be paid to the referring customer (you), by NW Auto Services Ltd, in the same payment method used to purchase the original remap service.

3. The ‘cash back’ referral scheme is available for an unlimited time period – however, NW Auto Services Ltd reserves the right to terminate the scheme at any time, without prior notice given.

4. There are no limits on the amount of referrals the customer (you) may make. For every successful separate referral which results in a full priced remap being purchased from NW Auto Services Ltd, the referring customer (you) will receive an additional sum of £20.00.

– For example: If you were to successfully refer six individuals who as a result each purchase a full priced remap from NW Auto Services Ltd, you will receive the total sum of £120.00 paid in six separate transactions using the original payment method used for the referring customer’s (you) remap service – Each transaction will correspond to each referred remap service carried out.

5. The scheme is not available to vehicle fleets. NW Auto Services Ltd reserves the right to determine what constitutes as a ‘fleet’.

6. The ‘cash back’ amount of £20.00 is to be paid to the referring customer (you) fifteen days after the invoice date of the referred individual’s remap – This is once the fourteen day money back guarantee time period has been successfully completed without any said ‘money back’ arising as a result of an unsatisfactory response.

7. If the original customer (you) receives a full or partial refund for the remap service at any given point they are no longer entitled to participate in the ‘cash back’ referral scheme – All referral rights from the point of refund are revoked.

8. For full remap warranty and guarantee terms and conditions please click here

9. The ‘cash back’ referral scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other NW Auto Services Ltd offer, this includes gift cards, vouchers and existing or future promotional offers.