Air Conditioning Service For Hybrid Vehicles

As hybrid vehicles become increasingly common as we look for more environmentally-friendly and economical alternatives to gas-guzzling automobiles, we are finding a unique set of service requirements.

For example, air conditioning systems in hybrids are often vastly different from regular cars. At 24-Hour Fuel Flushers, we are specially trained in hybrid air conditioning services and can ensure that the air conditioning system in your hybrid car continues to function at its best.

Operating across North Wales and the North West of England, 24-Hour Fuel Flushers are one of the only companies in this area that can offer this service to hybrid car owners. What’s more, we will visit you at your convenience to conduct the service, to minimise the time taken and the hassle of finding a garage.

Why do hybrid vehicles have a different air conditioning system?

Instead of a traditional drive belt, air conditioning in hybrid vehicles uses compressors that are operated by an electric motor. The motor has windings that are then immersed in oil that lubricates the compressor.

Why is it essential for a hybrid to have a specific air conditioning service?

Contamination of the oils used in the compressors can severely affect the functionality. In fact, a contamination level of a mere 1% can impact the dielectric properties, which can cause significant damage.

What are the risks of contamination?

  • Sensors can detect voltage leaks, which will then cause the compressor to shut down
  • An electric shock may occur if a person touches the compressor or engine
  • Oil can conduct dangerous high voltage to connected components, causing damage
  • High levels of contamination may mean that all parts must be replaced for your safety.

How 24-Hour Fuel Flushers can help

To reduce the risk of oil contamination and the costly repairs associated with the issue, we recommend regular air conditioning servicing for all hybrid vehicles. Fortunately, we can help to take the stress away from organising your vehicle service by coming to a location that is convenient to you.

Our vans are well equipped with all the tools and products that we need to conduct a thorough and efficient servicing job that is completely mobile to suit your needs. Based on the outskirts of Chester, we cover an extensive area of North Wales and the North West of England and travel to you. Whether that’s home or work or elsewhere that’s most convenient for you, it is our aim to provide unbeatable customer service and to ensure that maintaining your vehicle causes minimal disruption.

Why choose us?

  • Our team are highly-trained and knowledgeable about hybrid vehicles
  • Our mobile service vans come equipped with all we need so we can complete the job in a location that’s most convenient for you
  • You can call us at any time to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment
  • We are fully insured and follow strict guidelines for your peace of mind
  • We are specialists in hybrid air conditioning and will ensure an excellent service to help your car to perform at its best.