Terraclean Diesel Service

Does Your Diesel Vehicle Need A TerraClean Service?

Whatever age, type, make or model of your diesel car, it is vital to keep it performing at its best. Breakdowns can be costly and poor performance can be irritating. Fortunately, our advanced TerraClean service can ensure your diesel vehicle continues to perform at its best and improve the drive with a quieter and smoother experience.

Ten signs that show your vehicle needs a TerraClean service

If your car has not been performing at its best, a TerraClean service can help to reduce to carbon build-up and give your vehicle the added boost that it needs. Decarbonising through a TerraClean service is an excellent way to improve the performance of your diesel vehicle.

Here are ten of the signs that show that your car may have a high carbon build-up and would need to be removed from a thorough and sophisticated TerraClean service.

  1. Feeling rough when idling
  2. Clunky performance when running
  3. Reduced fuel economy or lower MPG score
  4. Excessive smoke from the exhaust and emissions
  5. Knocking or grinding noise from the engine
  6. Difficulty starting the vehicle during colder weather and winter months
  7. Feels sluggish and slow in general
  8. Excessive cranking
  9. Acceleration issues, such as flat spots
  10. Lower horsepower

If you notice any of these symptoms with your car, then it may be a sign of carbon build-up which can be fixed through decarbonising treatment such as our specialist TerraClean service.

What is a TerraClean diesel service?

Many decarbonising and cleaning services are costly and require an extended period of time. With our advanced TerraClean service we can clean the internal engine components without dismantling your car.

Our machinery uses OEM adaptors to carefully connect our cleaning machinery to your vehicle to instigate the internal cleaning. It is a patented cleaning system that uses bespoke equipment to ensure carbon is removed from all interior parts including the fuel injection pump, valves, manifold, combustion chambers, fuel injectors and oxygen sensor.

What are the benefits of a TerraClean service?

After the decoking (also known as decarbonising) process has taken place, you should be able to feel an immediate difference. As soon as your driver away you should feel a smoother and more comfortable drive without lagging, pauses or pulling. The experience should be much quieter and more enjoyable to drive, without knocking and cranking interrupting your ride.

A TerraClean service can help to improve your fuel economy by around 16% while you should notice a better MPG and significantly reduced emissions.

Book your TerraClean today

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