Wrong Fuel at Filling Station In The Wirral?

If you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, and are stranded in the Wirral, then call NW Fuel Drain. We have a fleet of vans packed with fuel draining and cleaning equipment so we can get your car back on the road wherever you are.

Why call NW Fuel Drain

  1. Based nearby, we aim to be at your location in the Wirral within 60 minutes
  2. We are fuel drain specialists with all the equipment on our vans for a fully mobile service
  3. Available 24/7, we are always there when you need us
  4. Efficient service to make sure you can be back on the road quickly
  5. Friendly support team on our freephone number.

Call our freephone number now to arrange your fuel draining: 0800 7720397

Accidentally put petrol in a diesel car in the Wirral?

While it is a common mistake, putting petrol in a diesel can cause significant problems and can lead to irreparable engine damage. To help protect your vehicle from a costly repair, then call our team of technicians as soon as you notice the issue.

Once you’ve called us, sit back and relax, we’re coming to do all the hard work and put your mind at ease. Do not turn on the ignition. Stay somewhere warm and comfortable, and we’ll be there as fast as possible to get your car in peak condition again.

If you’re stranded in the Wirral, we aim to be with you in less than an hour

Our friendly and trusted service keeps our clients on the roads. We try to reduce the disruption to your day by reaching you as soon as we can, whether that’s day or night and keeping the fuel draining process efficient. In most cases, you’ll be on your way within half an hour.

Let us know your fuel mishap now by calling our team on 0800 7720397.