How much does a fuel drain cost in the North West or North Wales?

If you are reading this then the chances are you need a fuel drain, or just had one done and want to see if you’ve paid over the odds!

The cost of a fuel drain from an independent fuel draining company is between £130 & £250 plus VAT – we have a fixed price of £145 including VAT or if the vehicle has been driven then £170 (includes £15 fresh fuel)

The price for other companies depends on

1) distance from drainer

2) type of car (some cars require more complex drains such as volvo xc90 or twin tankd BMW’s & Mercedes, some Audi’s etc

3) whether the car has been driven on the wrong fuel and needs a fuel system flush, which is a straightforward procedure but tankes longer than just draining the tank.

Usually the time of day or night does not really come into it, unless its a very unsocial hour, weekends, public holidays etc Our prices are all the same 365 days a year.

A dealer may charge £4000 to £9000 for major fuel system and engine rebuilding, parts etc which in our opinion is mostly unnecessary.

The AA does do fuel drains and have a fleet of mobile fuel draining vans, they do charge members and costs are around £230, they are quite often very busy and have long waiting times, even next day!

The RAC have a few fuel draining vans but we havent seen many in the North West area, they used to sub contract out most of their jobs to garages and fuel draining companies.

On some occasions dealerships will charge between 400 and 800 for a drain that does not involve pulling the engine to bits, but for some reason they often say they will take the tank off and swill it out.

Your local garage will charge about the same as a fuel draining company, but you would have to get the car to them.

And of course there is always the risky doing it yourself, or getting a mechanically minded friend to help out.

Ultimately the choice is yours, it is your vehicle at the end of the day and wether you choose a reputable qualified company or a garage that’s prepared to ‘have a go’ then good luck with your choice.

We cover the North West and North Wales and have been operating for 8 years… in that time we’ve seen so many companies come and go due to unreliability, price, unsocial hours etc that we decided early on to price fix the job so that whatever area we cover you the customer pay the same local rate price.

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in in or around the North West or North Wales then give us a call for a rapid response at local prices on 07554851721