DPF TerraClean Service

Does Your Vehicle Need A DPF TerraClean Service?

For your diesel car, your diesel particulate filter (DPF), found in the front pipe of your exhaust, is an essential tool in reducing the level of environmentally-damaging exhaust emissions that leave your car, as well as reduce the risk of the black smoke from escaping from your vehicle when you accelerate.

Due to the vital job your DPF does, it needs to be well-maintained, or it can lead to serious issues with your car. In fact, it is a legal requirement for your vehicle to have a DPF. Removing the DPF can both invalidate your insurance policy and can leave you facing a fine of up to £2,500.

How does the DPF work?

The DPF is a simple filter system that traps soot, to stop it from escaping from the car through emissions. As they become full, they naturally self-clean by burning off the soot in the process of regeneration. In this process, only a small amount of ash is left behind, and your DPF will work as usual.

In your diesel vehicle there is a sensor that can tell when it is ready for regeneration and, under the right driving conditions, the self-cleaning takes place.

Problem with the DPF?

While the diesel particulate filter does self-clean, lots of short journeys at low speeds can block the DPF, as regeneration typically occurs at high speeds. There can be other issues that can block the DPF such as the driving conditions, a vehicle issue, poor servicing and driving style.

In the UK, DPF problems occur regularly due to the conditions in the UK, which sees a lot of congestion, so therefore a lot of stopping and starting which means the regeneration of the DPF can’t be performed efficiently. If the DPF in your vehicle does get blocked, then you are likely to see a warning light on the dashboard or your car may resort to only working in “limp mode”.

Save money with a DPF TerraClean Service

Many people do not realise that a DPF will break down if it isn’t well-maintained. Depending on your vehicles, it could cost up to £2000 to replace your DPF. A process and expense that could be avoided if the unit was cleaned regularly to keep it free of clogged soot and ensure the regeneration process can continue to work well. Fortunately, a DPF TerraClean can help to keep your DPF healthy and running well reducing the risk of needing an expensive DPF replacement.

How does a DPF TerraClean work?

At NW Auto Services Ltd, we have the specific tools, equipment and expertise to conduct a thorough DPF cleaning service with TerraClean technology. Ideally used as a routine preventative service to help keep the DPF working efficiently or used if there is a blockage to remove the particles, then a TerraClean service can help. We can conduct our DPF cleaning service at our service centre, or, for your convenience, we can come to you as our vans are fully equipped to perform a DPF TerraClean. Operating with our fully mobile service means there is never any hassle for you to book in a DPF TerraClean, we can be with your vehicle at your home or work and keep your car healthy with minimum fuss and downtime of your car.

Our TerraClean process is powerful yet gentle on your car. It is designed to flush the DPF out to remove any blockages, but will not damage your exhaust. We do not have to remove parts of your vehicle. Instead, we safely link it to our TerraClean cleaning machines.

Once the process is complete, your car will be able to regenerate safely, and blockages will be removed. It is a good idea to book in a regular TerraClean service to remove obstructions quickly before they damage your car.