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Putting the wrong fuel in a car is one of the most common problems motorists face in the UK.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, this accident can simply be the result of a very busy day.

Most of us at some point in our driving lives will use the wrong fuel, and we’ll feel the frustration of being off the road due to a mind lapse of a few seconds.

At NW Fuel Drain, we offer a wrong fuel recovery service that means you don’t have to wait long to have the problem fixed.

We can act quickly ensuring the wrong fuel doesn’t permeate the most important engine parts.

Our roadside fuel drain service means that you do not have to worry about having your vehicle towed to a garage to have the problem rectified.

Within an hour you can be back on the road, ready to forget you made any mistake at all.

We help those that use the wrong fuel daily, with hundreds of customers across the North West & North Wales. We’re an essential service that is busy every day.

We know you kick yourself when you use the wrong fuel, and our wrong fuel recovery service is here to make that frustration go away.

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The Importance of Acting Quickly with Fuel Removal

Over £800million a year is spent trying to cure the damage of putting the wrong fuel in a car.

Whether that’s petrol in a diesel engine or vice versa, it’s a figure not to be sniffed at.

Sorting the problem is actually very affordable , as long as you act quickly, as delaying the fuel removal can cause other engine components to fail.

If you leave it too long your vehicle may need replacement tanks due to the incompatibility of the corrosive elements in the wrong fuel.

We can act straight away to ensure your costs don’t mount.

NW Fuel Drain can fix your fuel problem:

At the petrol station
At home
At your place of work
At the side of the road

We offer a comprehensive and professional wrong fuel removal service 24/7

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