BMW 420d Gran Coupe performance REMAP

We had James’s BMW 420d Gran Coupe in for a Viezu performance remap to just give it a little extra grunt.

Standard these beasts are 188bhp & 400nm torque but James found it a little under powered when pulling away from lights etc…

Using the latest equipment from Viezu we are able to write the new file via the diagnostics port meaning no more ecu removal!

We gave this BMW an extra 45bhp and 90nm torque! Taking it to a very respectable 233bhp & 490nm torque but also giving it much better power delivery.

After the roadtest James was astounded at the immediate difference and couldn’t wait to give it a good blast on his way home.

If you’re after a little extra poke from your vehicle then get in touch and we’ll send you some figures for your vehicle.