Suzuki Vitara DPF diagnostics and clean

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We had this Suzuki Grand Vitara in for DPF diagnostics and fix.
We initially used our launch x431 diagnostics to see if there was any underlying faults… we found the DPF back pressure to be reading 15.6 psi and 65 grams of accumulated soot! After checking manually and finding that it was definitely reading right we moved on to the Terraclean clean… injecting our patented fluid direct into the dpf we let it work it’s magic… 55 minutes later we had the back pressure down to just 1 psi and 1 gram of accumulated soot! We then took it on a roadtest where it carried out a successful regen on its own.
This vehicle had been solely used around town and very rarely got a run on the motorway so had accumulated so much soot that the vehicle was unable to regenerate itself because it is a potential fire risk!
We’ve given our advice and help sheet to show how to maintain a healthy DPF so the owner should have many more trouble free miles☺️
If you’re experiencing dpf problems then please get in touch with us first before paying out for replacement dpf’s or dpf deletes!

Dpf cleaning in Ellesmere Port at NW Auto Services Ltd.


Terraclean dpf clean in Ellesmere Port

Terraclean DPF clean