Ford Transit DPF fix in Ellesmere Port using our Terraclean dpf cleaner

Ford Transit in for a dpf clean & diagnostics … the van was stuck in limp mode and wouldn’t accelerate or go over 55mph!
We initially checked the data stored in the ecu using our Snap-on Modis, we found the dpf to be 216% blocked with 8psi of back pressure this was confirmed with a check with a manual gauge, it also had error codes for glow plugs and soot accumulation.
On further inspection we noticed it had had a new vaporiser fitted? A quick call to the owner and he explained that he’s had issues in the past and that the vaporiser was fitted last year and a regen was performed… time to dig a little deeper!
We checked the operation of the vaporiser and found that it wasn’t working as it had no power getting to it? A quick check in the fuse box and found the fuse & relay had blown! We replaced these, cleared the error codes and again checked operation of the vaporiser… it was now working!
We carried out our Terraclean dpf clean to reduce the soot accumulation before carrying out a successful regen where all temperatures raised correctly and soot content dropped to 0.01%👍
Another successful job completed and another satisfied customer who can now drive his van as it should be driven.

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