This Vauxhall insignia has been in and out of garages for weeks with dpf issues! The owner has paid upwards of £60 each time it’s been looked at and been told that “there’s nothing they can do” or “it needs a £600 dpf” or “map it out”!!!
He read our superb reviews on the internet and gave us a call… we went out to his work address in Buckley to carry out initial diagnostics so he didn’t need to take time off work. Straight away we found the problem with just a visual inspection!
First of all the intercooler pipe had come away from the intercooler and secondly the dpf pressure pipe had deteriorated so much it wasn’t connected at all!
We replaced the pressure pipe with some new silicone heat resistant pipe and re-attached the intercooler pipe.
Once all this was done we carried out our computer diagnostics using snap-on modis.
The fault codes that were recorded related to the two mechanical faults we found…. ‘low boost pressure’ & ‘dpf pressure too low’
We cleared these codes and checked all live data before carrying out a dpf regen, afterwards we took the vehicle for a roadtest and found it running & driving like it should, no more limp mode or smoking and all performance restored.

If you’re having DPF problems in or around Ellesmere Port then give us a call on 01513742421 for reliable, honest advice.

This insignia had been like a yo-yo in and out of garages but no one spotted the obvious!