Skoda Octavia vrs in Ellesmere Port for a Terraclean DPF clean

Jason had brought his Skoda Octavia VRS in to us because his DPF light had come on several times and wanted it fixing.
Using our dealer diagnostics we found a failed exhaust temperature sensor and a faulty dpf pressure sensor! With these two faulty items the vehicle had failed several dpf regen’s and caused the dpf to block up with 60grams of soot!
We proceeded to replace the faulty sensors, clean the dpf to remove the excess soot using our Terraclean machine and then checked everything was operating as it should. We got the soot levels down to just 5grams which then allowed the vehicle to do its own successful regen whilst on roadtest👍
Another satisfied customer with a fully fixed vehicle.
If you’re having DPF problems in or around Ellesmere Port then give us a call on 01513742421