Ford Mondeo in for Terraclean DPF clean in Ellesmere Port

Ford Mondeo in for a terraclean DPF clean.
This vehicle had a faulty turbo actuator for several weeks until Martin the owner could have it replaced… shortly after having it replaced it went into limp mode and flagged several error codes for the dpf.
After seeing our advert Martin gave us a call to see if we could help.
Initially we read the error codes & checked live data for the dpf… we found it to be 347% blocked and had a back pressure reading of 7psi! To ensure the readings are correct we then carried out a manual pressure check which confirmed the blockage.
We then carried out our clean using the patented Terraclean formula to remove the soot accumulation allowing us to carry out a regen afterwards, this reduced the back pressure down to 0.5psi and just 29% soot content (which is normal)
Martin took it for a test drive up the motorway and couldn’t believe the difference.
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