Blocked DPF on a Vauxhall Vivaro in Ellesmere Port fixed with Terraclean

Here we have Annabelle’s Vauxhall Vivaro having a dpf clean.
She had not long bought the vehicle and found that the check engine light illuminated after just a few weeks of ownership!
We plugged it in and found the dpf to be blocked with 80grams of soot, giving a back pressure reading of around 8psi.
After carrying out the Terraclean dpf clean to reduce the soot accumulation we set about finding the cause of the blockage… we found the oil level was low and a small tear in the pressure pipe from the dpf! After topping up with fresh oil & replacing the pressure pipe we managed to get the vehicle to do a passive regen on its own meaning that it will keep itself clean in the future.
Annabelle was considering selling the vehicle because she thought she’d bought a knackered old van but now is keeping it as it runs so well👍
If you’re having DPF issues in or around Ellesmere Port then be sure to call us first for a quick hassle free solution on 01513742421