Terraclean DPF cleaning Ellesmere Port

2013 Skoda Octavia having a Terraclean DPF clean

We had this 2013 Skoda Octavia in for a DPF clean earlier this week from a main dealer.

The vehicle has only covered 32000 miles but had an exhaust temperature sensor fault which was causing it to fail regen’s each time it tried to do one… the owner had driven round for a few months like this and subsequently caused the dpf to become blocked.

The dealer had changed the temperature sensor and tried to get it to regen but the soot accumulation was to high at 50grams! They tried their cleaner but this did not reduce the soot levels!
After calling us we collected the vehicle and carried out our Terraclean DPF clean reducing the accumulated soot from 50grams to just 3grams! With the soot level reduced the vehicle then carried out a regen whilst out on roadtest.

If you’re having DPF issues in Ellesmere Port then please give us a call on 01513742421

View: Terraclean dpf clean in action


2013 Skoda Octavia having a Terraclean DPF clean