Wrong fuel in the North West or North Wales?

Filled up with the wrong fuel in the North West or North Wales?

DON’T PANIC! We can drain and flush any vehicle that has been filled with the wrong type of fuel EVEN IF STARTED AND DRIVEN WE CAN HELP! No expensive recovery charges, insurance hikes or dealership repair bills! We cover the North West and North Wales areas with mobile patrols operating 24 hours 7 days a week

Wrong Fuel in the North West?

Filled up with the wrong fuel in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Wigan, Wirral or Cheshire? We have wrong fuel technicians that cover all areas of the North West and can be with you in under 60 Minutes! If you have put Petrol in your diesel or diesel in your petrol then Call us now on 07554851721

What to do in the event of a misfuel

Do not start the engine or switch on the ignition. If you are still at the fuel station inform a member of staff of the issue and call us for free advice. If you have driven away and not realised pull over as soon as it is safe to do so, switch of the engine and call us!

What happens next

Relax and wait for a certified SPA technician who will arrive quickly in a highly visible, sign written van.
They will then move the stricken vehicle to a safe location and perform a professional fuel drain on your vehicle. If you have driven away and broken down we can still help! We will carry out the fuel drain and supply enough fuel to restart your vehicle and then follow you to a fuel station to ensure your safety. Also included is the safe disposal of the contaminated fuel in accordance with environmental legislation.

We offer 24 hour 365 day emergency wrong fuel drains across the North West & North Wales.

Our technicians are experts in wrong fuel removal and all hold a current SPA (safety passport) to allow them to enter a fuel station to work. Our fast and cost effective contaminated fuel solutions are fully insured and registered with the Environment Agency of England and Wales.