We are proud to be one of the first approved CGon installers in the North West

Our Hydrogen fuel cell was conceived in the most unexpected of places – a nuclear submarine !

Founder, Brian Sheard was a Royal Navy Engineer aboard Hunter-Killer class nuclear submarines and part of his responsibility aboard HMS ‘Top Secret’ was to make sure they didn’t suffocate whilst deep beneath the ocean, by maintaining a key piece of equipment called an Electrolyser.

The Electrolyser on board a nuclear submarine converts sea water into oxygen (apparently really quite important for a Nuclear Submarine) which is fed into the air purification systems. Hydrogen is produced as a waste product which is discharged overboard. They are extremely efficient units and allow submarines to stay submerged for long periods of time.

Brian realised that this waste hydrogen could have a tremendous impact on the efficiency of internal combustion engines if utilised in the correct way and on release from the Royal Navy, he did what every great British inventor does – he went to his shed!

During a rigorous 7 year development cycle, countless test versions, several rounds of financing, expensive testing and too many late nights to count.. the ezero1 was born.

The technical advances achieved by Brian spawned a series of patents that delivers the box we have today, key amongst these was hydrogen production from very low amperages, in fact the unit on our test car draws less current than you need to charge a smart phone.

Today, at the end of the development cycle we have a finished, fully tested world-beating product that both Brian and the rest of the team here at CGON hope really can have a huge impact on the Environment!

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