Terraclean DPF clean on Paul’s BMW 525d

Paul’s BMW 525d has been having DPF issues for some time now and he’s been taking it into his local garage in Runcorn who have been cleaning it… they’ve cleaned it 6 times now at £85 a time! But the problem still keeps occurring?
Paul had seen our advert and decided enough was enough and booked in with us.
After our initial diagnostics we found error codes for dpf pressure sensor & soot content to high, we then moved onto reading live data from the ECU and found the engine control module had detected a 45psi back pressure in the dpf and had failed to regen 25 times! We took a manual pressure reading and found it to be just 12psi which is still high but obviously nowhere near 45!
We proceeded with the Terraclean dpf clean to remove the soot and reduce the pressure before replacing the pressure sensor with a new one… straight away the back pressure came down to an acceptable 3psi and whilst on roadtest the vehicle performed its own regen which brought the pressure & soot levels down to 0.08.
Another happy customer that could’ve saved himself a lot of money if he’d have brought it to us in the first place.
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