DPF problems a regular occurrence!

DPF problems a common occurrence!

Why are so many DPF problems occuring?
The lack of maintenance and servicing has become increasingly worrying throughout the automotive industry. Many UK drivers have admitted that they have not bothered to keep up the servicing and maintenance on their vehicles throughout the pandemic. As like many of us, we’ve hung the car keys up and got the bikes and comfortable walking shoes out. However, leaving vehicles without the proper servicing and usage will inevitably lead to issues and one of the main ones for Diesel vehicles is DPF problems.

Failed Regeneration in Diesel Particulate Filters
Changing driving patterns such as reduced usage, shorter car journeys and a lack of vehicle servicing are all factors which could contribute towards DPF blockages and malfunctions. The DPF automatically burns off most of the carbon residue when the engine is hot and can perform a DPF regeneration process. However, due to most Diesel owners only popping to the supermarket and back, the engine doesn’t get to perform this vital function.

Effects of Vehicle standstill
When vehicles are out of action for a long period of time, water and contaminants can enter the oil supply and result in sludge. This will generate more carbon, soot, and particulate matter (PM) to build up on major vehicle components. This kind of build-up is also likely to then lead to DPF’s becoming blocked and cause problems in other parts of the engine.

Many people throughout the UK are facing financial difficulties, therefore replacing their Disel Particulate Filter with a new manufacturer DPF for thousands of pounds is likely to be out of the question. However, there’s one other alternative which works out to be cheaper and in fact easier!

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DPF problems a regular occurrence!
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